Help Improve Tax Reform for Homeowners

Thanks to our members’ engagement, REALTORS have helped positively influence tax reform in some key areas.  For example, both the House and Senate have agreed to maintain deductibility of state and local property taxes up to $10,000, and to maintain Section 1031 tax-deferred exchanges in their present form for real estate investments.

BUT OUR WORK IS NOT DONE. REALTORS have an opportunity to influence Congress to help make the tax reform bill more favorable to homeowners and consumers.  Now that both the House and Senate have passed The Tax Cut and Jobs Act, a Conference Committee will begin to address the differences between the two bills. Important improvements in the legislation are possible by encouraging Congress maintain the current law for the mortgage interest deduction and capital gains.  Congress can also address the State and Local Tax Deductibility issue by expanding the provision to include income taxes, raising the cap and indexing the cap to inflation.  These changes and retaining the current law makes the bill more favorable to homeownership.

Take action to tell Congress to protect middle-class homeowners. Click the button below to Take Acton on this important issue!


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