Vermont Forward Plan – A Message from GMAR President Josh Lemieux

Vermont Governor Phil Scott has released a reopening guide to help Vermonters and local businesses see the path for a phased return to unrestricted travel, business operations, and event gatherings. The three-step plan, unveiled on April 6, 2021, uses vaccination milestones to ensure a safe easing of personal restrictions and continued reopening of the state’s economy. 

The real estate sector is considered a low contact sector and is included in STEP 1 of the Vermont Forward Plan.

Step 1 of the plan took effect on Friday, April 9, 2021.

Under the Step 1 plan, real estate professionals must:

NOTE: VAR has developed a printable information sheet for Realtor® members to use as a reference for the Vermont Forward Plan and its implications for real estate.

Steps 2 and 3 (shown in graphic below) will be phased in between now and July 4. VAR will provide further guidance as those dates near.

Cross State Travel

Out-of-state buyers are allowed to travel to Vermont under the following conditions:

    • All members of traveling party must have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19
    • If not fully vaccinated, has everyone in your party tested negative within 3 days of arriving in Vermont?

Realtors® are no longer required to use the COVID-19 Real Estate Compliance Form. However, prior to buyers traveling from out-of-state to Vermont you are encouraged to ask two questions: 1) Has everyone in your party been fully vaccinated? 2) If not, has everyone in your party tested negative within 3 days of arriving in Vermont?

Please refer to the Vermont Forward Roadmap to Reopening below. For additional information, click here.

You can also download a copy of the roadmap here.